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History of the Embroidered Patch

Most uniforms, jackets, bags, and other items of clothing have embroidered patches. It has become a sign of distinction for most people. But, what most people do not know is that this special kind of embellishment has undergone a long and interesting journey through history.

Embroidery is an ancient form of art which has been present for a thousand years. Its heritage can be traced back from the ancient history of different cultures in the Mediterranean, China, Egypt, India, and even South America. It is a traditional art done to decorate a piece of fabric. Embroidered fabric was originally used to decorate and embellish the robes of royal people and some religious artifacts.

Embroidered PatchTraditionally, embroidery is made by hand with the aid of a needle and thread. This process took a laborious amount of time. Good thing is that machines used for embroidery were invented. Advancements in technology have led to the use of computer generated in embroidery. The process was still the same – stitch-by-stitch sewing with the use of a needle and thread. The only difference is that embroidery process was faster rather than the tedious hand stitching.

Graphic artists can turn your personal design into a custom patch. The ideas for the patch are limitless. You can put almost anything you want into a patch – any shape, color, form, or pattern. Any of your desired designs can be put in a patch.

Patches can take any form and shape. A custom patch can be a logo of a business or a particular brand. It can also show a person’s membership in an organization. It can tell whether you are a student, employee, or any kind of uniformed personnel.

A patch is usually used onto the uniforms of government employees. Most military and police uniforms have embellishments showcasing their organization and ranks. Firefighters, emergency response teams, and other government workers make use of a patch. An embroidered emblem will show a person’s specific job, position, and rank.To know more history and features of embroidered patches must go through site patches4less.

Other groups of people also make use of the personalized patch. Bikers, sports teams, and other groups also use their own patch to provide distinction to them.

Recently, the art of embroidery has nurtured and blossomed, all thanks to the popularity of personalized embroidered patches. Modern times also made the production of an embroidered patch faster. Automated machines, which operate in high speeds, are currently used to create embroidered patches with intricate and meticulous details. The use of machines also increases the precision in the stitching of the patch. This modern application of embroidery enabled mass production of a custom patch design.

A patch is usually embroidered on a twill backing. Sewn border, or a merrowed border, is traditionally used. A heat-sealed border, or hot cut border, could also be utilized. Patches can bepinned, sewn on, ironed on with a heat-activated adhesive, or attached with a Velcro sewn at the back.

The great thing about using a patch is that it can actually withstand weathering and too much use. An embroidered patch is usually durable and does not fade easily. In fact, it can even outlast the item of clothing it is attached to.

A personalized patch has become an effective advertising device. It is a proven tool to get your business’ message across a bigger audience. It is a marketing strategy to give out the business’ personalized patch as a promotional item. It will help the business to stand out from its competitors. A customized patch will surely catch the attention of potential clients.

Regardless of the use and purpose, patch production is a blossoming industry that has withstood time and technology. It is a highly versatile piece that will continue to transform.