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The Shirt Game in Women’s Golf

It may be next to impossible if women golfers of today could play wearing those early versions of golf apparel that women wore during the start of the golf era.In the 19th century lady golfers had to wear outfits that covered them from neck to ankles. Sleeves that reached up to their wrists and skirts whose seams were only a few inches higher from their feet.Thinking it would be an appropriate garb for the game that challenges the player herself, designers surmised as long as the end of the skirt did not interfere with the downswing, all will be well.

But that was not the case, since in golf it takes almost every part of the body to create the simplest of golf swing.

Those tight fitting blouses were a huge hindrance in creating a free flow movement of the hands from the back swing until the follow through. The length of the skirts also would prove futile especially upon impact for the club would get snared upon impact resulting in a terrible shot.

During those days the young women who played the game could not have cared even less as to what they were wearing since their purpose of playing golf that time was hopefully to meet gentlemen and vice versa.When the 20th century entered into its earlier years, the golf apparel had been modernized by a famous designer and allowed more freedom in movement of the upper body combined with a similar athletic wear that was used in another popular sport of that time.

Golf Shirt
The addition of ruffles became a welcoming pleasure for the female golfer since it even gave more allowances to the golf swing in addition to the fact that a few inches were taken off from the hem of these once long skirts.The rise of the use of the sweater as a golf apparel became very visible in the next decade of the 20th century as well as the use of knickers for lady golfers which caused a media frenzy in the golfing world.

Although that type of golfing garb were not acceptable in some golf clubs, women golfers who usually played on those courses had to make do with what they were used to wearing while playing golf.The sudden popularity of golf and what to wear on the course was due to the fact that two of the best women golfers influenced the golfing public especially the women to play the game.

Glenna Collett, from the United States and as an amateur won a total of six United States titles, was considered the best from her country.From the other side of the Atlantic was Joyce Wethered from England and who Collet’s main competitor was in 1929 during the Ladies British Amateur Tournament.

In addition AlexaStirling and Edith Cummings from the land of milk and honey gave their counterparts a run for their money so do speak, since amateurs were not entitled to prize money even then.As a matter of fact socialite and considered to be a top golfer Edith Cummings made the game so interesting that a character was based in her honor in a now very famous book which also became a movie.She was so famous that a very prestigious magazine not only did a feature on her but was made the very first sports figure to grace their cover.

The game rose to the next level with the help of those notable lady golfers of the 1920s.Although golfers like Virginia Van Wie, Helen Hicks and including Collett were from the elite part of the society, other women from different classes looked up to them and got influenced to play the game.

Until the 1950s to this day, golf apparel has a looser, more comfortable look.Shirts with no sleeves in the following years and even wearing shorts became acceptable in the golfing world of women.It should be a fact that golf is no longer a gentleman’s game.